Library Board Meetings


Board meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month!

A Long Line of Service

(A Tribute to the Librarians of Hillsboro)


Bertha Welge: 1900-1917 & 1921-1924

Jennie Hayes: 1917-1921

Lois Lyerla: 1924-1939

Earl Rush: 1939-1943

Winefred Lemay: 1946-1971

Ann Lyerla: 1971-1982

Emma Cress: 1982-1992

Cheryl Sale: 1992-2017

Shelley (Singler) Kolb: 2017-2023

Laura Naugle: 2023-Present

Current Library Board Members


President: Judy Albracht:

Vice President: James White:

Secretary: Carolyn Meier:

Treasurer: Carol Naylor:

Nancy Slepicka:

Christina Carver-Garner:

Brittney Edwards:

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